21 Days Detox Challenge

Are you one of those being taught by your parents not to waste food? Raise your foot. Yup. I was raised by my parents not to waste food just like everyone else. So even if all of the calories from the yummy whip cream icing on my daughter’s birthday cake went to my waist, I did not mind. It’s better than throwing away hard-earned money and the love of the person who bought the cake. The cake probably kept me alive the whole month of May because all I could remember was eating all kinds of cake and ice cream due to many family events. This is just one of the many reasons I want to do a 21 Day Detox challenge.

Growing Up. Back in my younger life, meals were simple and usually consisted of rice, vegetables and fish. Dessert was not part of a meal, except for a piece of fruit. Merienda or afternoon snacks were served after siesta/nap. Pa was a firm believer in healthy eating. When he saw everyone looking frail, he’d make sure we’d have fresh vegetables on the table. It’s either stewed, souped or sauteed. I grew up eating what I considered as good healthy diet. Upon having my own kitchen, vegetables were often replaced with meats and sweets as I experimented on baking and cooking. I also ate out 3 or more times a week. Being on the extra small side, I ate what I want and when I want. This became a habit. A very bad habit.

Health Struggles. It had been a struggle to find time for myself for the past few years and I just learned how to shrug my shoulders and thought that someday my time will come. I knew that in order to be healthy I need to eat well, sleep well and exercise well. I exercise well, I believe. Sleep, eh. My nights are so often disturbed, thanks to my son’s eczema. It’s not ok but that’s the reality of being a parent to a baby/child struggling with severe eczema. I used to feel lucky just to get a total of 3-4 hours of sleep at night. No complaints, I love my Little Man. His condition has gotten so much better now and I could finally get 5-6 hours of sleep most nights. Still disturbed but hey, it’s sleep. I’ll take whatever it is — falling asleep on the couch, on the floor, on the kitchen countertop or in a toddler bed. Hopefully, I can compensate that with good eating habits.  

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Start of a Beginning. I came across a 21 day detox program recently and spent time studying it. I thought it made a lot of sense. Our body is often riddled with toxins due to the food we eat, the environment we live in, lifestyle, which greatly affects our whole being. As I read on, the more convinced I was about ‘detoxing’. It seemed to be the best way to put a stop to my food cravings. The past week, I purchased a bathroom scale. A good start, according to my husband. I also dug an old taebo DVD from the dusty bin and spent a few minutes of my time each day exercising. This detox also mentioned losing 21 pounds in 21 days. Not too sure about that but it’s one of the perks that come with this program. 21 pounds in 21 days? Hot diggetty dog! If that happens, I will be back in my pre-pregnancy self. I know there will be big challenges along the way, especially being at home with little children who love to snack every waking moment. There’s also recommended enemas and colonics which my husband could not stop teasing me about. Since I won’t be doing that, I will just stick to the ‘cocktail juices’. I admit I am quite a rebel sometimes. My goal is to take this ‘detox’ one day at a time, wisely and cautiously. Change has to start NOW, right? 

Short & Long Term Goals. July 11-July 31. Lose at least 10 pounds. Cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Cut food cravings. Make healthy meals for the family. Fit into my wedding dress (The wedding dress has a story. I’ll share it later). 

As I am taking this detox with personal meditation, I hope to also connect with God in a special way. I believe 100% in the Bible verses that I included here. I will regularly update on this detox plan and the 500 mile challenge that I am doing until the end of this year. Due to being camera shy, I might not be able to post a pic of my ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos but stats will be updated.

Cheers to a healthy future,



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  1. You have such a lovely page. Looking forward to reading more. All the best with your challenge!I also tried to subscribe via email but haven’t received a confirmation through…I will try to follow you on fb, twitter etc so I can read your posts. Hope you have an amazing day. Blessing, Dee

  2. Hi Dee,
    I am now on Day 4 of my challenge. So far, so good. I received an notification regarding your subscription. Thank you for leaving me a message. See you around!

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