31-Day Challenge: Homeschool is Cool School

I am excited today mainly for 5 reasons: First: My favorite season (fall) is here. Yay! Second: October is also here and it’s my birth month. Woohoo! Third, I am in for my second year of the 31-day challenge (Write 31 Days). Another Yay! Fourth: I chose “homeschooling” as my topic/category for the next 31 days. Yay! Yay! Yay! Fifth: I am blessed just as you are blessed. Amen!

It has been a busy month since we started school this month. We have officially registered our daughter in our local county. We also “mentored/hosted” a wonderful, teenage young man in our home which has somewhat opened our eyes to the special challenges parents face in raising teens in this modern age. So this month will be an interesting challenge for me as we are still adjusting to a lot of changes in our family life. I would say our plates are full but God, who supplies us our needs, is good and is ever faithful. Topics regarding homeschooling will be varied: from parenting to daily activities and schedules, and just about everything that a homeschooling mom faces. Check back on this page to get each day’s blog entry and I hope you learn a little bit from my/our journey. God bless and see you tomorrow!

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Homeschool is Cool School

Day 1 – Why Homeschool? My 11 Great Reasons

Day 2 – A Parent’s Ultimate List of Homeschool Resources

Day 3 – Family Homeschool Schedule

Day 4 – 15 Inspiring Quotes for Teachers, Educators, Mentors

Day 5 –



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