5 Things I Am Most Grateful For In Life

“Start each day with a grateful heart”.

That’s the line that came into my mind as I got ready to write down post #2 of my 31-Day “Gratitude is Powerful” Challenge. With all the countless of blessings that surround me, I picked out 5 things I am most grateful for in life:


My family, husband and my children, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my in-laws. They add so much laughter and bring that warm fuzzy feeling no one else can. They are the blessings that God provided for me so I do not have to feel alone. Even in disagreements, family will always be family. I am eternally grateful for this blessing.


I am a Christian and I do not want to take this privilege for granted. Although this is offered to all men, not all will receive it. And I understand. But if I am stripped of everything, I want my faith to be the one thing that stays. I questioned different beliefs including my own, even while serving as a missionary overseas. After delving deeper into the truth, I shudder at the thought of abandoning God. I live because He lives. I am loved because He loves.


I enjoy having a garden. I love to look outside my window, especially when it rains as it gives me a wonderful feeling, a feeling of joy, not just for the plants receiving  “showers” and but for the earth being quenched from thirst. No amount of watering that I do can compare to what God can provide for the plants. From the time I cultivate the soil to the moment I harvest the “fruits of my labor” or receive cut flowers from my husband, it brings me immense joy. I often hear and see the birds dance around from one tree to another and notice butterflies and bugs of different sizes and kinds sniff the flowering plants in my messy backyard. I am happy for them. I also love the tranquility of nature in the mountains, clear blue skies, cool spring waters and even crowded beaches. There is something about life outdoors that gives me a sense of relief from all stress and cares of everyday life. Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty of Your creation.


Not just any music but the kind that lifts the soul heavenwards. This is especially true with gospel music. Old gospel songs bring back sweet memories of my childhood. Good music has a way of dispersing feelings of sadness. It often works its way into my heart and transports me into a world filled with beauty and warmth. Where would my heart be without music? I really don’t know why.


Good health enables us to enjoy all other blessings. When I am in the best of health, I also tend to give my very best. On days or nights when I do my running, it makes me grateful that I could move my legs. This is also the time when I let go of whatever complaints I have about anything. Our bodies can truly be likened to the most precious gem one can have. We only have one, it’s important to take care of it and truly appreciate what it can do.

Thank you, God, for family, faith, nature, music, and for health.

*This post is a part of my 31-day Challenge: The Power of Gratitude Series. Click on the image below to be directed to my posts. Thank you for being here today!


What are the things that you are most thankful for in life? Share yours.

Always grateful,



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  1. It’s so important for us to be intentionally grateful for even the most basic things that we often take for granted like what you have on your list here. When we choose to lift our voices in praise, it helps us see even the things that we would say are not right against the backdrop of our great God who is always with us! Thanks!

    1. I agree, Karen. I am on day 6 of my 31-day challenge (The Power of Gratitude) and I notice how being ‘intentionally’ grateful has brought so much positivity in my day. Hoping to make this into a habit. 🙂 I am glad you are here today. Blessings!

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