Inspired to Run: The 500 Mile Challenge

What could be more fun than doing a running challenge? I don’t know what I was thinking but I am on a 500 mile challenge this year. Running is for athletic people and children, I used to think. My little brother and I would do races during family events when we were younger. Growing up in the PI, I could hear the old folks tell the girls, “Don’t run. Maos-os imong matris.” Not exactly sure what they mean by that, but it’s amusing to think about it now. Fun memories. In reality, running is not my forte. My body is not built for running. A single stride from my husband would be 3 strides from me so I have to work 3 times as hard. My husband, however, was not convinced with my excuses. He grabbed me off the couch, dragged me to my first 5K event and pushed me to the finish line. Ok, not literally harsh, but he did all he could to make me do it.

First 5K. It’s safe to acknowledge that I needed some balance in my daily activities in order to have an active lifestyle, I just didn’t know how to start. Back in April 2015, we organized a family fun run as a fundraiser for Children Next Door. It was a successful event and one that I will always remember. Since then, I had been doing races. Thanks to my runaholic husband who made it clear that it was not fun without the whole family running alongside him. As a good wife, I ran to support my hubby in his obsession. 😀 Besides, I did not have to push the kids in the stroller. Hubby took care of all that. I did my first 5K and a half-marathon relay in October 2015.  The hot and humid Florida weather only made me want to quit even before I put on my running shoes. The super runner husband refused to listen to my whining and signed me up in more races in and out-of-state.

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New Beginning. I was tired of feeling tired. Something was not right. I realize that if I needed improvement in my being, it has to start within me. Finally at the start of this year, I began to see that my overall outlook has to change. I needed a fitness goal that would challenge me to work hard. That’s when the 500 mile challenge came into play. We immediately set out to work and started logging our progress everyday. Since January 1st, we’ve been running/walking 10 miles per week.

Mid-Year Update: And here we are, it’s July 1st. I lost some weight only to gain it back in May when we had anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate. In just two weeks, I ate 5 different flavors of cake and ice cream. I still walk 10 miles a week and do light exercises, but it’s easy to get discouraged with the results fluctuating. This month, I added a 20-minute exercise plus a 21-day detox. I am making a journal for this particular challenge, so check with me in a few days.

Run For Life. By the end of this year, I wish to be able to run a total of 500 miles. At times when I can’t go out for a walk with the family, I go to the gym to do my running to keep the motivation going. I believe that my goal of running/walking 500 miles this year will be achieved, and hopefully, with great results.

Sometimes, we just need a little inspiration in order to achieve something. Perhaps we can’t find it in us. That’s when others can step in and become a motivating factor for us to reach a goal. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who may not fully understand our struggles but are willing to cheer us onto the finish line truly matters. In my case, it’s my husband.

Have you run in a race? What are your healthy goals this year? Share with me your thoughts below.

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