8 Questions to Ask Your Spouse

It’s our 8th wedding anniversary this week. My husband initially wanted to make a stopover at the beach but we were on a planned trip to the grandparents 16 hours away to celebrate my son’s birthday which is 3 days after our anniversary. Instead of 2 stopovers (overnight stay in hotels), we opted for only one and decided to keep going. So what to do when you’re stuck in the car on your anniversary? Drive your husband crazy by throwing in these 8 interview questions to pry into his thoughts on marriage. He won’t be able to avoid the questions especially when he is behind the wheel for long hours. Lol.

That’s exactly what I did except it did not drive him crazy or did he feel “cornered”. He actually enjoyed it, too. I came up with the questions at random and as my husband answered them one by one, I realize how fun (and sweet) it was to just listen to him. Yup, I listened. 😉 He had some deep, interesting thoughts. When you have two little kids vying to get your attention every single day, adult talk can sometimes become a thing of the past. With both kids asleep in the backseat, we were able to have quiet time together on our anniversary. Not an ideal situation but we were together. The 7 hour-drive became a blessing, especially when it allowed us the time for meaningful conversations.
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Here are some 8 interview questions I asked my husband:

1. What is  your personal definition on marriage?

Being married to my bestfriend, someone who knows about me and she still chooses to love me.

2. What is the best thing about being married?

Being able to see my bestfriend everyday. (He looked at me and said, “You really are my bestfriend. Thank you for being my bestfriend.”)

3. What do you value most about your marriage?

I value faithfulness. As hard as things may get, knowing that my wife is going to be there and won’t leave.

4. What are the things you sacrificed/gave up for your marriage?

Time and certain hobbies like video games. Maybe when the kids are older I might be able to play video games with them.

5. What lessons have you learned in your marriage?

That there is another person and not just me. We have to make a plan together. We make decisions together. We are one. It takes time to learn that. There’s no way I’m gonna buy a pet horse for my kids without my wife.

6. What is your secret ingredient to a successful marriage?

Knowing when to speak up and knowing when to shut up. Choosing my battles.

7. What advice would you give to young men who are contemplating on getting married or those who are in their early years of marriage?

Know your wife’s tastes, her likes and dislikes.

8. What is your goal in your marriage?

Finish strong. I try to make a commitment everyday to do my best. It’s not just about the first few years, it’s about spending the rest of our life together.

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That’s it. I am grateful to my Guido for answering each of my interview questions graciously. One thing that he does every so often is do some personal assessment about our marriage where he checks on me and asks how I am doing just to make sure that we are on the same page. According to him, he does this as to not wake up one day realizing that his wife is unhappy. He helps around the house and provides the support I need in raising our kids and taking care of our household.


What is your personal definition of marriage? What are your goals in your married life? My husband also asked me to give my own answers to these questions which I will share in a separate post later. Ciao

Love much,


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