A Mommy Story: The 5th Cup of Milk

“Be careful, Mommy. It’s very hot.” My excited 2-year old handed me a pink princess tea cup. I asked her what was in it. She said, “Coffee”. I said, “Thank you, princess, but Mommy doesn’t drink coffee. I’m sorry.” She quickly said, “It’s milk.” I pretended to drink it and made an exaggerated “Ahh! It’s delicious!”. Her eyes brightened up as she asked me again, “Do you want some more?”

Why not? Yes, why not?

She nudged me again for another cup. And another. Still another.

I admit there had been times when I just want to go shopping for hours ALONE. Work ALONE. Cook ALONE. Do chores ALONE. Take a shower ALONE. Go to the restroom ALONE. Eat my breakfast ALONE. I love some moments to myself. An ALONE time. That’s when I function well the most, I had always believed that. However, since my daughter was born, I never had a day without her. Each day was spent with her from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. Not that I am complaining. But shouldn’t there be some mommy time? She always seems to know when I start to get excited about doing things because she’d wake up from her nap all of a sudden and wanted to do those same things with me.

“Mommy, want some more?” A tea kettle was shoved on my dreamy face, breaking my thoughts. As I got to my 5th cup of pretend milk, I saw my daughter putting her stuff away. “What are you doing?” Putting my tea cups away”.  Is she done? That’s it? She’s cleaning up!

Something just hit me. As my daughter was cleaning up, I foresee a future of when she starts packing up her things to go to college — a future of when I will have all the time in the world and be ALONE. Perhaps lonely, as I go shop, paint my nails, eat my dinner, work on my business, and go to sleep. ALONE. I could feel a teardrop run down my cheek. It scares me. It saddens me. No, not yet.

Still not sure what hit me, maybe the pink princess teacup. I scooped my daughter and hugged her tight. I told her how much I love her and thanked her for inviting me to her tea party. As we cuddled, I touched her sweet little face and traced her pretty smile. She looked into my eyes which made my own eyes watery again.

I made the decision that very moment to enjoy every bit of time I have with my daughter. Whether it’s just a mere 2 minutes or 24 hours. If it only takes to drink 5 cups of pretend milk to make her happy right now, I would willingly do it. After all, she just wants to be with me, to be her mother, her playmate, her best friend. These moments that I am spending with her can’t be bought with money. She is my treasure after all. And she deserves undivided attention I can give her.


I learned so much in these past two years of being a new mom and it had been a pleasant learning experience for our young family. Children are so precious and they do try so hard to please their parents. My daughter is learning and though she may spill her drink on the floor or stain the carpet, I am reminded that I am not a perfect parent, either. I have stained the carpet, too. I have been disobedient, too.

That 5th cup of milk, pretend it may had been, was an important object lesson that was served to me that day. It had changed the way I behave towards my daughter and perhaps her future siblings. Sure, there would be times when I’d wander and be opposite to being a ‘good’ mom but those precious moments I spent with her will lead me back to where I should be — my family’s heart.

Looking forward to many more princess tea parties.

*** My daughter was 2 years old when I wrote this article. She is now 5 and still loves to do tea parties. Only this time, she serves me tea, my favorite kind of drink. 😉

Little moments oftentimes teach us big lessons. Do you have a story to share? Send me a message! 🙂




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