A Mom’s Simple Pleasures

I’m dreamy.

Life with my children makes me dreamy.

He’s fast asleep. Careful not to wake him, I walk into the room to check on him.

He looks so content, so at peace. I can hear him breathe a sigh as though feeling my presence.

I stay close and he scoots to me even closer — even with his eyes tightly shut.

I can not stop smelling his hair and keep myself from planting gentle kisses on his smooth chubby little cheeks.

That’s my baby boy. He knows it’s me.

She notices me sitting down. She climbs on my lap and hands me a book. Mom, I like being with you. She tells me.

That’s my baby girl. She loves spending time with me.

He brings me my slippers.

She wants to be like me.

He asks me to hold him.

She loves to cuddle with me.

I realize that I am my children’s world.

I make them smile through my words of comfort and compassion.

I make them feel special with my acts of affection and love.

I try to give them my attention, my time, my all.

And in return, they give me their smiles, their love, and their all.

I get my daily dose of Vitamin Love. A love like none other.

My simple pleasures are my children.

And the best moment is when they are close to me.

Because they are my world

They are my joy. 

Perhaps I’m not dreamy. 

It’s my reality. 

***Thankful for today. Dedicated to my special loves, my children L + E***

With all my love,


*This post is part of my 31-day Challenge: The Power of Gratitude Series. Click on the image below to be directed to my posts. Thank you for being here today!



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