A Year in Review

Every year, I like to evaluate myself to see what major things happened and what have I done to improve myself. I am a sucker for self-improvement challenges and self-development projects. I decided to do this year in review to look into the things I have started and wanted to accomplish. Here are some random things that transpired this year:

  1. Improved health condition. My son’s skin condition has gotten a lot better and it has been exciting to watch him reach milestones one after another. Read my post: My Son Had Severe Eczema
  2. A blog. I started this blog a few months ago and it has been a wonderful outlet for some creative ventures I do/plan to do this year and in the coming years.
  3. Health-conscious. Due to improved health for my family, sleep is now blissful. I also make better choices healthwise and has started making a conscious effort to improve my health and that of my family.
  4. About to hit a goal. I started a 500-mile challenge for the new year. I am at 417 miles as of today. My husband is over 500 miles. I admit it is not an easy feat for a non-runner like myself. But I am almost there.
  5. An improved version of myself. I see myself a year older, a bit more, uh, motherlike. 🙂
  6. Personal devotions. I spend more time not just reading but seriously  studying my Bible by taking important notes and dissecting each verse more carefully.
  7. Homeschool duties. It is a privilege to be able to spend each day with my children especially when my husband is at work. My children seem to like me too much which I think is a good, I mean, a great thing! 🙂
  8. Family road trips. This is one of my favorite things to with my family. As the children get older, the more excited I am about the experiences we did/do together and the places that we explored/will explore.
  9. New things to learn and relearn. I am teaching myself to play the violin. Yup. I am determined. I also got back to old hobbies: drawing, painting, crocheting and song-writing.
  10. No excuses. I am learning not to use my children as an excuse on why I am late to arrive in some appointments, why I can’t accomplish things, why my home gets messy, why I sleep late, etc. I realize I make wayyyyyy too many excuses. It’s not only fair to my family and myself but to others as well. I am willing to learn to take responsibility. That’s the first step to adulthood, I think. And I have just taken my first few steps. Shocking, I know. 😉

As mentioned, these are just random stuff that I do/did this year that I find to be exciting. The past two years had been less than satisfactory as I did not have much energy and the enthusiasm to do things that I enjoy. I am glad to be moving on. I believe that living life everyday with a sense of purpose really changes our outlook in life. No one can live our lives for us. We need to own it. With God by our side, we can be assured of a life well-lived.

Always grateful,



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