DIY Toddler Safe All-Purpose Cleaners

Household chemicals are getting more and more popular over the last few years. This is usually due to the fact that the active substances contained in the detergents’ ingredients is larger and a single dose of the cleaner is absolutely sufficient for cleaning a large surface. And the more efficient a certain detergent is, the less time is needed to clean the entire house.

The shiny packages of these detergents normally attract our attention and we are ready to give it a go and buy some in order to save some time and make our domestic cleaning routine simpler and more efficient. Unfortunately, the chemicals and toxic ingredients that are contained in these detergents are very dangerous for our health, and especially to the young children.

Let us not forget that toddlers are exposed to a lot of dangers since they crawl on every surface in your home and then put their hands in their mouth. Getting in contact with detergent leftovers can at least irritate their skin, not to mention there could be much more serious consequences for their health.

Universal cleaner

All you should do is mix equal parts water and vinegar and use it on various surfaces of your home. The specific smell of vinegar will disappear entirely as soon as the surfaces dry out, but if it worries you in any way, you can add several drops of lemon juice to the mixture. Pour the solvent in an empty spray bottle and use whenever you need it.lemons

Window and mirror cleaning product

To make an efficient window and mirror cleaning product that is also totally harmless to your toddler’s health, mix 50 ml of natural liquid soap with 1 liter of water and add several drops of eucalyptus essential oil and pour the solvent into a spray bottle. The essential oil will eliminate all smudges on your windows and mirrors in literally no time.

Floor cleaning solution

Natural olive soap is great when it comes to floor cleaning and maintenance. Fill in a large bucket with hot water and add some liquid soap and some white vinegar and stir. Use the solution to treat your floors and make them sparkling clean with minimum efforts.

Carpets cleaner and deodoriser

If you need some help when it comes to carpet cleaning, use baking soda. Sprinkle it on a thick layer on top of the carpets and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and leave it overnight. The next morning, simply vacuum clean the carpets carefully to remove all the baking soda.

Sink and bathtub cleaning product

Mix some baking soda with some natural soap, add a few drops of lemon, eucalyptus or grapefruit essential oil and use it on the dirty surfaces in your bathroom. CleanStart Ealing can guarantee that the result will not only be sparkling clean but also totally safe for your toddler.

Oven and cooker cleaning product

Mix 30 grams of salt, 90 grams of baking soda and 50 grams of water until you get a thick paste and use it to scrub your dirty oven and cooker. Do not worry that you will scratch the surfaces because both baking soda and salt are mild abrasives and they do not scratch the surfaces when used on them.

We offered you several DIY home cleaning solutions that are a great alternative to the dangerous detergents sold on the market since they are not only inexpensive and easy to make but will also help you clean the entire house or apartment to sparkling-clean surfaces with minimum efforts.

Demi Giles is a writer and an owner of a small cleaning business, based in London, UK.

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