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There is so much for which to be thankful. But one of life’s sweetest gifts are the people that we care about. We encounter and interact with many of them on a daily basis — family or friends — who in one way or another have given us many other reasons to be thankful for.

In my gratitude challenge these next two days, I will fill up some thank you cards (pictured below). I will also have my little homeschooler do the same as a project for thanksgiving. These cards make it easy for us to jot down a few heartfelt lines unique to each person we are giving it to. I offer this free printable here in my blog as well so you can use it for yourself. You may use your home printer or you can take it to a printing lab and print as many as you like. With thanksgiving day just around the corner, this is a perfect project for the whole family to do.

Show your gratitude to someone today and let them know how much you appreciate their help, their thoughtfulness, their friendship, their love.

If you use a standard sized white cardstock (8.5″x11″), it will print out two thank you cards. Each card is sized 4×6.

Click Here to Download


Click Here to Download

So glad you came by today. I hope you enjoy these cards.

Always grateful,


*This post is part of my 31-day Challenge: The Power of Gratitude Series. Click on the image below to be directed to my posts. Thank you for being here today!


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