How to Create a Safe and Reliable Blog in 2 Easy Steps

Creating a website these days has become very easy. When I created my first website in 2001, even with the use of a website builder, I solely had to rely on the use of HTML (hyper text mark up language) to make a more personalized overall look compared to the generic designs that were available. Although it was all a

My first website

fun, learning moment for me, I also know how much time I spent designing it. Since then, I have created a little over 10 websites and blogs. A few of my business sites are hosted in different platforms. But when it comes to blogging, Wordpress is the best way to go.

WordPress has taken over the blogging world by storm and has stayed as the most innovative, reliable platform all these years. Its enabled plug in interface feature makes it easy for users to customize and design their own websites without a fuss. I am always on the look out for the best in the industry as competition is fierce and every business that wants to compete well with the rest of the world has to have a website/blog that’s fast, reliable and easy to use.

In creating your safest and most reliable blog, I highlighted two major but easy steps for you to follow:

  1. Flywheel. You may sign up here. Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting platform that has all you need to create a fast, easy, convenient, safe, and reliable website. Whether you already have a Wordpress account or not, Flywheel will walk you through the process. You create and design your blog right away and you will be given a couple of weeks to decide whether you want to pay for it or not. This blog was created through Flywheel and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I truly believe Flywheel is THE best in the industry and I will be staying with Flywheel as long as this blog lives. 😀 Read my full review about Flywheel and know why it’s my #1 choice among countless of other hosting sites (GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost, etc).
  2. Namecheap. After creating and designing your blog, you may purchase a web address for your blog. I personally love the ease in using Namecheap. The customer service is superb and I was able to get the domain name that I liked plus other freebies for a low price. Once you have your blog set up with your domain name (tutorial is available), you are good to go.

Perfect domains are here

That’s it. The rest is easy-peasy. Play with it. Design. Write content. Upload photos. Publish your written work.

Creating/designing websites has been one of my favorite hobbies and could easily turn it into a fun side business. How about you? Have you created a blog/website before? What platforms do you use?

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