Inspiration: The Cracked Pot

The Cracked Pot is a wonderful lesson about loving oneself, flaws and all.

Author: Unknown

Music: Solitude by Jahzzan

Photos: Pixabay

One of my favorite hobby is making simple videos. This is definitely something I would like to spend more time learning, if given enough opportunity. I enjoy tinkering with the video editor or photo editor (click here for my favorite free online editor), discovering cool ideas and seeing them come alive by creating one project at a time.

I have a fairly large compilation of my own favorite inspirational/motivational short stories and quotes that I have been collecting since I was in elementary school. I find it useful since I also plan to incorporate different kinds of illustrations in our homeschool journey this year. As brothers and sisters in this life, we need to use words that can inspire and uplift others. What better way than to share stories that children and adults alike will learn from? I always believe in the power of words. There are words that can tear others down and words that can bring life and healing. Which one should we choose to share with others? As I was making this video, I initially added a voice over since my daughter suggested that I read what was on the screen to her. But before I hit the share button, I decided to let the words speak quietly on its own.

What do you think about this story? Do you like it? Feel free to share it!



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