Matching Outfits for the Family – Yay or Nay?

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You’ve seen that — Mommy and Me dresses, Daddy and Me bowties, Big Sister and Baby Brother outfits — I know, we are one of those families who like to do matchy-matchy. I am quite obsessed with them a long, long time ago. Ok, I admit, I still do it nowadays. Perhaps when my kids are all grown, they’d hate me for it. I am hoping they’d just shrug their shoulders and I say, “Wow mom, you were fun!” 😉

When did all this matching outfits obsession start? Well, growing up, my mom used to sew church dresses for me and my two big sisters. We’d go to church in matching outfits and hair ties. Yeah.

Whenever my father go on overseas trips, he’d brought bundles of fabric for my mom. It always made her happy. Up to the time when we were in college, we wore matching dresses (same fabric, different styles) for singing engagements. Each of us designed our own dresses and have them tailored according to size. I remember sitting in church with my sisters one day, feeling too uncomfortable I could not sit straight. I was almost tempted to hide under the pews. 😉 No kidding. After that, I refused to wear any family matching outfits.

When my husband and I were still dating, we were gifted with a pair of checkered sweaters. I was thrilled, but not my hubby. Matching shirts are called “couple shirts” in Asia and a lot of couples wear them everywhere. Fast forward to our time here in the US, my husband is now the one who shops for  “couple shirts”. It’s nice to get identified with someone. And well, it’s kinda romantic, uh, cute, too.

Our kids have gotten used to the matchy obsession. My daughter loves the feeling of being like mommy. My son also likes to be like Daddy, cool hairstyle and all. So yes, you’d see us looking identical quite often.

When it comes to fashion and dressing up. I have no rules. As I always say, my kids would wear pajamas to church if I let them. But of course, I don’t and won’t let them do that. Unless that’s all the clothes they have at the moment, then why not. However, we like to be casual and to be comfortable…and we like to be identified as family.

Well, PatPat, a Los Angeles based company has a bunch of matching pajamas for families that are super adorable. If you are like me who likes great deals without compromising style and comfort, Patpat is a great place to go.

Don’t forget to check their daily specials that are 50% off until the end of the year. The girls’ outerwear section has awesome deals of coats, jackets and winter necessities for your little princesses. And of course, your little man might have outgrown some of those clothes, see the boys’ clothing section.

Family life is all about love and memories. Every day is not a guarantee that we’d spend all 80 or 100 years of our lives happy and with our families. There will be upsides and downsides. What matters is that every moment that we create for ourselves and our families brings a lasting memory of togetherness and a strong bond. The love of family is usually enough to help us get through each day.

Create more happy memories. Laugh often. Love deep. Live life. And yes, wear something that screams family.



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