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One of my favorite things to do in our homeschool is going on field trips with our children. We have become a bit more intentional in turning every trip into something educational. Educational — in the sense that we all learn something and retain some information from the experience. One of the places we frequent is the zoo. The zoo offers a lot of learning and information that we otherwise would not have known if not for the experience. It’s pretty cool to see and be aware of some other creatures that also inhabit this earth. So far almost every zoo we’ve been to was clean and taken cared of and we always take note of how caretakers treat the animals. It’s important also that we know how to treat animals with kindness and how to behave whenever we visit public places like the zoo.

Some of the zoos we visited and favorited are the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington DC, Zoo Atlanta in Georgia, San Diego Zoo in California, Jacksonville Zoo in Florida, Dallas Zoo in Texas, Chattanooga Zoo in Tennessee, etc And with the cooler weather being here, it’s time to plan for another homeschool field trip. While our children are young, I guess the zoo would continue to be one of the places we’ll visit more often.

To enhance our zoo experiences, I have created My Trip to the Zoo Report for my children to use. This makes them feel like a zoo ranger as they learn about the animals. This is FREE for you to download, for personal use only. Please do not distribute. If you wish to share this in your blog or social media pages, please link back to me. Thank you!

There are three pages to print and each one has its own separate link to download. I have yet to figure out how to put them in one file. Once, I get to discover how to do that, I will edit this. 😉

Here is My Trip to the Zoo FREE Printables:

<<<Download1 Here>>> 

<<<Download2 Here>>>

<<<Download3 Here>>>


I created this for kindergarten and elementary school children with the use of Picmonkey. Hope you find this helpful. Subscribe to receive more updates on new stuff I will be adding. Enjoy!

How about you? What are the places you frequent with your family?


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