Science and Faith

We took the children on a fieldtrip to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN a few days ago. The price was 50% off after 3:00 PM, so we took the kids there knowing that two hours of activity will tire them easily. We were able to watch the last show in the Sudekum Planetarium which I highly recommend. As the speaker explained about the stars and the planets and the earth, I heard him say: “scientists are still trying to figure out how some of the things came to be…”

Nashville, TN

I love how science proves facts through experiments. It shows how things work and why things exist. Science is not absolute, it changes. It’s amazing to see how it has improved and developed all these years as more research has been done with the help of more advanced technologies. There are thousands upon thousands of hypotheses that are yet to be proven despite thousands of years of research. As the lecturer quickly showed star formations and galaxies, I could not help but be amazed at the works of God’s hands. How the sun and the moon faithfully appear night and day, the stars sparkle in the dark skies, the planets perfectly aligned and how the cosmos work together in harmony. It’s such a brilliant work done by a brilliant, powerful Being. We, humans, spend years and years trying to know and explain the wonders around us. We can only know so much but that doesn’t mean that we give up. Knowledge is power. I am grateful for science, for intelligent scientists, for hardworking people who make it easier for children (and adults) to understand our world a little bit better.

One thing, I do know is that God’s mind is bigger than our own. The more I learn things through science, the more I admire the works of God’s hands. True science is not in conflict with the Bible. In my personal opinion, I see that it somehow proves what the Bible says. Although seen as opposites, I see the harmony of science and faith.

Faith is defined in the Bible as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

There are many things that are not visible, but we see the results of it or the outcome of things. It takes faith to recognize that a Master Designer, the Creator God, is the One that holds everything in place.

Adventure Science Center

Consider how we are all related to each other like one big family and yet so different that no two people are alike. Consider our bodies — how complicated and yet how perfect when all the systems of the body work together. Each body part has an important duty assigned with a specific function. We will never be able to fathom the depth of the wisdom and knowledge of God. At the command of the Creator, the world came to be.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

…the heavens declare the glory of God. (Psalm 19:1).

In admiring an abstract painting, I sometimes interpret things differently, compare to what the artist is trying to depict in his art. Only when I read the description on the wall when I begin to see the meaning behind the picture. That’s when I also gain a better understanding of the artist’s work. Each dot and stroke in that painting was purposely placed there by the artist.
And so did God. As a Master Artist, He created this world in the same way as an artist who creates his masterpiece. When I spend time learning about the art and the artist, I see a better picture and the more I appreciate the work. Oftentimes, learning about God and this vast universe leaves me clueless because my simple human mind is not capable enough. Thanks to science, it fills in a lot of questions I have and thanks to the Bible it brings everything to light.

And you know what else is cool? God created the world in a purposeful way, including you and me.

God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

Many things are a constant change. God, however, does not change. In His greatness, He is constant. He is able and He loves you and me. We can always count on that.

Through faith, I believe.


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