Thank You in 31 Languages

One thing that truly fascinates me about our world is the different languages we speak. There are approximately 6,500 spoken languages in the world. Wow! that’s a LOT. In the Philippines alone (where I grew up), there are about 170 languages/dialects and I can only speak 4 of them.

Two weeks ago, I downloaded a “learn a language” app on my phone. I am turning a year older this month and the closer it gets to the date, the more I am reminded of the things I want to try. Yup, in my ‘old’ age, I still attempt to learn a new language. 😀 I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the wiser I want to be. Actually, I meant, the more I want to learn.

As part of my 31-Day Challenge: The Power of Gratitude series, I thought it would be fun to learn how to say ‘thank you’ in 31 different languages — one ‘thank you’ a day for this whole month.

Oh, by the way, if you feel a bit awkward in saying the words, Google has audio pronunciation. Enjoy!

Thank you in 31 Languages

  1. Arabic – Shukraan (shuk-ran)
  2. Afrikaan – Dankie
  3. Bulgarian – Blagodaria
  4. Bengali – Dhanyavaad
  5. Burmese – Kyaayyjuutainpartaal
  6. Chinese Mandarin – Xie-Xie (sye-sye)
  7. Czech – Dekuji (DEH-ku-yih)
  8. Croatian – Hvala
  9. Danish – Takk (tahg)
  10. Dutch – Dank (dahnk)
  11. Filipino – Salamat (sa-LA-mat)
  12. Finnish – Kiitos (KEE-toas)
  13. French – Merci (merh-see)
  14. Fijian – Vinaka
  15. Greek – Efharisto (ef-har-ris-tou)
  16. German – Danke (dang-ke)
  17. Hawaiian – Mahalo
  18. Hebrew – todah (toh-DAH)
  19. Italian – Grazie (GRA-tsye)
  20. Japanese – Arigato (a-RI-ga-to)
  21. Korean – Gamsahapnida (kam-sa-ham-ni-da)
  22. Mongolian -Bayarlalaa)
  23. Malaysian/Indonesian – Terima Kasih
  24. Portuguese – Obrigado/Obrigada (oh-bree-GAH-doh)
  25. Polish – Dziekuje (dsyehn-koo-yeh)
  26. Romanian – mulţumesc (mool-tzoo-MESK)
  27. Russian – Spasibo
  28. Spanish – Gracias (gra-shas)
  29. Thai – Khop Khun
  30. Welsh – Diolch
  31. Vietnamese – Cam On (kam ouen)

Thank You in Sign Language

So, here’s a bonus (in honor of my children who love sign language ASL). To sign thank you, touch the flat of your fingers (hand) near your mouth and move it outwards slightly down to the person you are conveying your thanks. See attached illustration:


Practice makes perfect. Saying ‘thank you’ should become part of our daily habit. Such a simple thing to do but oftentimes taken for granted. I like this quote by Gordon B. Hinckley in Way to Be!: 9 Rules For Living the Good Life

“The habit of saying thank you is the mark of a cultivated mind.”

Regardless of our differences, it’s important to note that speaking the universal language of love brings healing and fellowship. Couple your words with actions and you have a powerful formula to a joyful, grateful heart.

What languages do you speak? How do you say thank you in your native tongue?



*The word cloud image in this article was created with Tagul.

*This post is part of my 31-day Challenge: The Power of Gratitude Series. Click on the image below to be directed to my posts. Thank you for being here today!


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  1. I think the practice of gratitude has the power to change. Though our circumstances and surroundings remain the same, just the act of being appreciative changes our attitude and our view of what we have or don’t have. It’s a key discipline to cultivate if you want to live in a godly life and influence others. I like to try to find at least one to be grateful for every day and write it down in a gratitude journal.
    and btw, my son is taking sign language for his high school foreign language at his homeschool co-op, so we are all learning it along with him!

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