The Big Outdoors

The big outdoors is like a huge play area where we are free to explore. A place where things grow wild and free. Nature is a luxury afforded to each one of us. It is meant to be enjoyed and experienced. Not only does nature provide therapeutic beauty, it also shows us life lessons that can’t be ignored.

We live in a town that’s being developed each year and more and more natural areas have been replaced by high-rise apartments. Despite that, I am grateful that we live so close to many natural places that have been preserved well over the years. There are oceans, springs, lakes, and rivers just a few miles from where we live that are teeming with wildlife.

Friendly alligator saying “hi”

At least twice a year, we go on weeklong family road trips to enjoy nature in other places, especially the mountains. I love how trees and shrubs and vines grow wild and free. At neighborhoods all across the country, it’s sort of a disgrace to let your yard grow wild. But there’s a reason for that, I want to believe. When we let our grass grow wild a few summers ago, we found a turtle, some snakes, armadillo, raccoons, and some other night animals. I kind of like them and doesn’t mind sharing our property with our backyard visitors but for my children’s safety, we have to keep the weeds contained a bit better.

Reflection Arboretum, TN

I don’t know what it is about nature that draws me to them. It makes me feel free, happy and authentic. A day in nature is medicine to my soul and it’s a blessing to get a dose of the big outdoors every so often.


Do you like the outdoors? What is/are your favorite things about it?

Always grateful,


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