31-Day Challenge: The Power of Gratitude

It’s October! Well, tomorrow. I take this month as a fresh start because I am turning a year older. I must have been so busy I was caught by surprise that this year is going by so fast. I started this blog in July as a fun challenge to myself and it has brought me more blessings than I can possibly think of.

I want to live every day with a sense of purpose, not merely to exist. Live for God, for others, for self. The idea to do a challenge every month came into my mind when I started this blog — remember my running challenge? (It’s my very first post, you may read it here.) 

Well, I stumbled upon Write 31 Days and because I really want to do this next challenge well, I decided to join and use this blog to record my progress daily. This October, my challenge is to spend 31 days of this month living in gratitude and write down my ‘personal endeavors’. I titled this challenge “The Power of Gratitude”. I felt compelled to do this because not only does my blog bears this principle but also, I was blessed to hear Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience speak at the Family Fest Concert in Gatlinburg in May of last year. When I heard her testimonies, all I could think of was to take the challenge to live a life full of joy and to fight for that goal even in the “darkest nights”.

Quite often, I just let life be. So believe me when I say that I have quite perfected the no-care attitude. My life as a mom and a wife, however, is quite demanding. I admit there’s something good about demands, too. It keeps me motivated and helps me from being too easy-going. When I was younger, I was always thinking how happy my life was and how blessed I was. I still am happy and blessed. What makes it different now is that I feel like I have experienced every bit of circumstance in this life which makes it a bit more of a challenge to focus on everyday blessings. I must be getting old. 😀

A roller coaster life, that’s what it has been for me. There are way too many ups and downs. It’s too difficult to enjoy the views when the mind is preoccupied with how ragged my breathing was, how fast the ride was, how high, how steep, and how scary. So with this month’s challenge, I want to really take things slow, to take the time to see the sky, feel the breeze, and to be thankful for every bit of blessing.

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Day 1 – Playful Kiddie Adventures
Day 2 – 5 Things I Am Most Grateful For in Life
Day 3 – Fondest Childhood Memories
Day 4 – A Joyful Marriage
Day 5 – Tribute: World Teachers’ Day
Day 6 – I Thank You in the Storm
Day 7 – Too Busy To Be Thankful
Day 8 – Because of Who You Are
Day 9 – Thank You Cards
Day 10 – How Fall Reminds Us To Be Grateful
Day 11 – Thank You in 31 Languages
Day 12 – Where is Home?
Day 13 – Dayspring Giveaway
Day 14 – The ABCs of Thankfulness
Day 15 – Thank You, Lord, For Your Blessings On Me
Day 16 – A Race to Remember + Funny Running Slogans
Day 17 – Abundance of Harvest
Day 18 – Science and Faith
Day 19 – The Big Outdoors
Day 20 – Birthday Blessings and a Prayer
Day 21 – Object Lesson from a Child
Day 22 – Find Us Faithful
Day 23 – The Hands

Day 24 – 31 Quotes on Thanksgiving and Gratitude
Day 25 – Top 5 Songs of Thanks
Day 26 – Bee Inspired
Day 27 – A Mom’s Simple Pleasures
Day 28 – Live, Love, Laugh
Day 29 – Blessings
Day 30 – A Blast from the Past Year
Day 31 – 5 Benefits of Gratitude

If you join me on this challenge, I created a free printable that you can download. It will give you an idea of what to be thankful for in the next 31 days. Please do not limit yourself to one item. At least, list down 3 things you are most thankful for each day. The printable is just a guide for you in case you stumble into a day that’s ridden with many stumbling blocks. There will always be something to be thankful for. Read a scripture, offer a prayer of gratitude, thank someone and don’t forget to appreciate yourself, too.

I hope you join me on this challenge.

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What are you thankful for today?

Always grateful,


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