Tribute: World Teachers’ Day

Today is World Teachers’ Day. I learned about it from a number of posts in my social media. Teaching is a noble profession and teachers are one of those groups of hardworking people that are sometimes under appreciated. If there is a World Chocolate Day, it is only fitting to have a World Teachers’ Day to offer support and recognition to all educators.

And because today is the 5th day of “The Power of Gratitude” challenge, I am going to have this post as a little tribute to all my teachers.

Mrs. Burlaza, Mrs Boholst, Ms. Dadivas, Mrs. Codilla, Mrs. Barrientos, Mrs. Lagariza, Mr Claveria, Mr. Jucaban, Mrs. Jucaban, Ms. Campos, Mr. Penaflorida, Ms. Sally, Dr. Domingo, Mrs. Inapan, Mrs. Maglana, Mrs. Asumen,  and countless of other mentors, professors and teachers who have mentored me and believed in me…especially those who were generous enough to give me good grades! 😀

Many of teachers have invested so much time for their students in order to leave a lasting legacy. Their passion, their drive and inspiration encourage students to take risks. It is not always easy to find exceptional teachers who put each student’s best interest in mind. I feel blessed to have been under the tutelage of some of the quality teachers at the schools I attended. Despite all the sleepless nights, loads of work and sometimes being underpaid, they kept pushing. I have nothing but true admiration to every wonderful teacher I was privileged enough to know. As a former classroom teacher myself, I can attest that the one true joy of a teacher is to see former students successful in life, and in their chosen career.

How about you…what are your thoughts about World Teachers’ Day? What impact did your teachers make in your life?

Thank you, God, for each teacher who helped me achieve goals in life. But most of all, thank you for being my Master Teacher.

*This post is part of my 31-day Challenge: The Power of Gratitude Series. Click on the image below to be directed to my posts. Thank you for being here today!


Always grateful,



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