Why Blog? 10 Good Reasons That Convinced Me to Start a Blog


Sharing a story. Every person has a story…and that makes each one of us unique. My life story is not that pretty as my family went through tough challenges one after another. But there were times when I wished I could find people who have a similar story as mine, if not, at least closer to it. I wanted to know of people whose struggles were as real as mine, because somehow, it would make my burdens light. I often wondered if there was a way out, a solution, some hope. What did others do? How did they come out of such a dark time in their lives? For a while, I kept those struggles to myself. I was drowning in my own thoughts yet deep inside me I wanted to reach out. I wanted to come up with a solution. I needed to have a solution for the sake of my family. So here I am. Perhaps, telling my story may help ease the pain and perhaps lighten someone else’s burdens, too. That is why I blog. The other 9 reasons are just to fill this page. 😀

  1. I am a learner. Just by finding out how to blog, how to garden, how to love my family more, and all the other how-tos, I learned many interesting things. In the same way, I hope to show others who may find an interest in all these ventures I am in.
  2. Improve my writing. English is my second language. When I was a student years ago, I was confident in my writing. Not sure what happened but I realize I really do not know anything about writing. I wish I am good at it. This is an attempt at improving on it. 😀
  3. I am an introvert. My mind is often filled with thoughts and ideas. I was extremely shy and grew up hiding behind my mother’s skirt most of the time. I enjoyed so many activities on my own that I used to tell my mother, “I wish there are more than 24 hours in a day”…and perhaps this is an opportunity to share some of those personal things that have been bottled up all these years.
  4. It’s an adventure with benefits. It would be a blessing to earn some passive income through affiliate marketing. It will go to fund mommy-approved activities for the children. Daddy-approved? Not so much.
  5. It’s a challenge I want to do. I started a blog years ago but was too scared and worried — way too many excuses. I am giving it another try. I actually love doing different kinds of challenges that makes me explore, think, and do.
  6. Inspire the youth. And that includes my children. I always believe in the youth and their capacity to be an asset in the society. I want to encourage them to make good decisions and be the best they can be.
  7. It creates discipline. Keeping up to any kind of challenge is a test to one’s self. One of my biggest hurdle is consistency. I wish to improve in this area.
  8. It extracts some hidden creative juices. Haha. I know I can be creative but sometimes I do not even care anymore. This blog will make me appreciate that blessing.
  9. Create a memory scrapbook. I like to jot down interesting things that happened back in the old days while experiencing the present and living hope for the future.

These are summed up to JOYS. Yes, Homemade Joys.

J – Jesus (faith and grace)

O – Others (people who inspire me)

Y – You (motherhood, personal, family)

S – Service (something else I am passionate about)

Some of the topics included are: gardening, music, travels, bucket lists and goals, home education, faith, DIY projects, home and family life, mission stories, online business, photography, home cooking + cooking nightmares, pathfinders/Masterguide, nature, healthy living, emotional healing and anything else that would spark the interest of my tired yet inspired soul.

If you have a blog and want to share them with me, leave your url and I will pay you a visit.